Friends of the Camp


Roanoke Christian Camp has been providing a physically and spiritually safe place for children and young adults since 1945. Our summer camp programs offer opportunities for participants to experience spiritual growth and changed lives through new experiences and face to face interactions that develop into lifelong friendships.

Your support will allow us improve participant experience through new activities and facilities. We will also be able to expand the influence of our ministry through off season sessions, youth conferences, and other events.

We need alumni of Roanoke Christian Camp to support us through prayer and financial gifts. Your generosity will help campers experience the same fun and spiritual growth you did. You have an opportunity to directly impact the spiritual growth of this generation.

Your Friends of the Camp gift will help us plan long term by providing us with a reliable and steady additional source of income. We cannot reach our long term goals without this support.

For over 70 years, Roanoke Christian Camp has impacted tens of thousands of lives. 

The sacrificed time and resources of others helped provide your one of a kind camp experience.

All donations are tax exempted.