For over 70 years, Roanoke Christian Camp has impacted tens of thousands of lives.

The sacrificed time and resources of others helped provide your one of a kind camp experience.

Roanoke Christian Camp has existed since 1945 to provide a Christ-centered summer camp experience for children and teens. Over the past 70 years, we have expanded to offer a year-round facility for groups and churches to utilize for various events and gatherings.

As we look to the future, we still want to make sure our main focus is providing an exciting, safe and cost effective summer camp experience. As a result of making sure our camp sessions are as affordable as possible, our facilities are becoming outdated.

The Board of Directors is working to prepare plans for future development and expansion and we need camp alumni and friends to help us achieve these goals.

Roanoke Christian Camp is a registered non-profit under the 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code.

All donations are tax exempted.