Our overnight campers experience the very best
of what Roanoke Christian Camp has to offer.

Our exciting recreation activities include archery, lowropes, swimming in the pool, kayaking and canoeing, and various field games.

Daily worship services are held in the Bonner Jackson Pavilion overlooking the beautiful Pamlico River while meals take place in Smartnick Hall.

We have overnight sessions perfect for any camper!

1st Junior

Ages 7-10

June 10-15 | $175


Dean: Jay Hardison, Senior Minister at Plymouth Church of Christ, Plymouth, N.C.


1st Intermediate

Ages 11-14

June 17-22 | $175



Brian Warren – Youth Minister West Belhaven Church of Christ

Joey Craft – Youth Minister Haw Branch Church of Christ

Wilderness Adventure

Ages 12-17

June 24-29 | $175


Dean: Chris Avery, Manager, Roanoke Christian Camp


Ages 7-9

June 25-28 | $100

Welcome to the 2018 Discovery Camp Olympics! During Discovery Camp we are going to be having fun doing our own version of the Olympics. We are going to be learning about how to be BRAVE by learning about Esther and how to PRAY by learning about Daniel. Join us for a ton of fun and a ton of learning!


Dean: Danielle Hortelano

Deeper Life

Ages 14-17

July 1-6 | $90

Legacy. Passing something down. Bringing up the next generation. Leaving a legacy is a huge responsibly that we are called to. As followers of Christ, we are called to leave a legacy in the name of Jesus. We are called to lead, as well as to teach others how to follow Jesus by our example. When we interact with our younger siblings, kids at church, parents, friends, or anyone, we are showing Christ through out actions and words. What you say and do will impact the lives of others, the question is, will you impact the lives of others for Jesus? Will your life leave a legacy for Christ?

Jesus left his legacy here on Earth through us. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”- Matthew 28:19-20.

Join us for Deeper Life week this year as we take the legacy of Jesus and live it out. To have an impact on other people’s lives. To have a mentor and to be a mentor. To invest into the lives of others. There’s going to be chances to impact young day campers, have small group discussion, and lots of fun time! Join us July 1-6 for Deeper Life as we learn to leave a Legacy for Christ.



Dean: Joshua Bueno

2nd Junior

Ages 8-11

July 8-13 | $175


Deans: Stewart Woodley and Jamie Fulford, Ministers at University Church of Christ, Greenville, N.C.





High School

Ages 14-17

July 15-20 | $175


2018 Theme: Chain Reaction
Remember playing with Dominoes when you were little? Set ‘em up… knock ‘em down! That’s a chain reaction. One thing leads to another. Well, that’s exactly how God has planned to share his love with the world. One life, impacting another. Our goal at camp is to take a look at the HUGE chain reaction of God’s love, find each one of our places in the plan, and keep it rolling by being the lead domino in someone else’s life.
Rule no. 1 at High School week is “Camp should be fun!” So, as we explore the Chain reaction idea, you can expect a full week of fun games, classic outdoor camp activities, team competitions, and unexpected twists. Every year our High School students check out on Friday saying, “That was the best week of cam EVER” and this year, will NOT disappoint.
Bible Stuff: The Book of 2 Timothy
During our learning time, we’ll be stepping in and out of the New Testament book of 2 Timothy. Students will walk away knowing the message of the book of 2 Timothy and the many lessons Paul gave to his young disciple. And it will make a big difference in their lives as they see the beautiful chain reaction that they are a part of.


Dean: Chris Woolard

2nd Intermediate

Ages 10-13

July 22-27 | $175

Jesus is incredible. What he did for us, is incredible. What he teaches, is incredible. His miracles were, incredible. His life on earth was, incredible. What He promises for us, is incredible. What is more, he calls us to live incredible lives.

He gives us incredible goals, and equips us to fulfill them. Join us, we have an incredible week of camp. We will have fun, we will swim, we will learn, we will laugh, and we will see who Jesus calls us to be, incredible people


Dean: Bane Angles, Lead Minister at First Christian Church, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.





Music and Drama

Ages 12-17

July 29-August 3 | $200


Deans: Tony Krantz and Patrick Harrison


Ages 5-7

August 5-7 | $80


Dean:Ethan Coltrain -Youth Minister – Union Grove Church of Christ

Tech Camp

Ages 12-17

November 2-4 | $100


Dean: Patrick Harrison – Venture Church

Tech Camp is a time for you to learn about the love of Jesus in an atmosphere that is decidedly geek. We take popular nerd culture and use that as a vessel to bring the Word of God into the lives of the students who attend. Imagine it like a LootCrate for Jesus. As we unpack Biblical truths and have a great time.


Interested in Day Camps?

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