Our overnight campers experience the very best
of what Roanoke Christian Camp has to offer.
Our exciting recreation activities include archery, lowropes, swimming in the pool, kayaking and canoeing, and various field games.

Daily worship services are held in the Bonner Jackson Pavilion overlooking the beautiful Pamlico River while meals take place in Smartnick Hall.

We have overnight sessions perfect for any camper!

Deeper Life

June 9-14

Ages 13-17







“You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”
Ephesians 2:19-20

Dean: Joshua Bueno

1st Junior

June 16-21

Ages 7-10


Strangers In A Strange Land

In the Bible, Daniel was a young man who found himself in a strange and dangerous land far away from home. He had to adjust to a different language, new customs, and a very different culture. It was hard and filled with all sorts of dangers. Daniel was a
stranger in a very strange land.

That’s true of us as well. As the old song goes, “this world is not my home”. We’re strangers living in a land that’s filled with dangers for us as followers of Christ. We need help in safely navigating our way through this strange world. We’ll be looking at Daniel’s life for the tips and help we need to safely make it through this life and home again.




Jay Hardison – Minister – Plymouth Church of Christ

1st Intermediate

June 23-28

Ages 11-14




BeHOLY:  even when the walls are broken

The story of Nehemiah is a story of a Broken place and a Broken people.  It is a story of a man who looked at himself Honestly and realized that he did not have what it took to fix the world.  However, he believed that with God’s help, it could make a difference.  It’s a story about what happens when leaders do more than identify problems, but seek the Opportunity to be a part of the solution.  It’s a story of Love; that allows you to focus what matters and lose what does not.  It’s a story of revival that starts in You and spills over into the world.



Lance Pippin – Youth Minister – Christ’s Church

High School

June 30 – July 5

Ages 14-17




Bold – Faith, Words, Prayer, Choices, Actions

/Bōld/ adjective: (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. We live in a world that is terrified of risk. And it’s good to stay safe. But living for God is counter-cultural! It means loving the unloved, being selfless instead of selfish, and many times it means taking a stand in ways that are not popular with the populace. God calls us to do BOLDNESS in our faith, with our words, in our prayer, with our choices, and through our actions. This week, we’ll be looking through stories from the book of Acts to discover some of the BOLD men and women God used to change the world!

Rule no. 1 at High School week is “Camp should be fun!” So, you can expect a full week of fun games, classic outdoor camp activities, team competitions, and unexpected twists. Every year our High School students check out on Friday saying, “That was the best week of cam EVER” and this year, will NOT disappoint. 
Bible Stuff: The Book of Acts
The book of Acts is the story of the start of the church. Prior to Jesus’ resurrection, the apostles were a group of terrified, scattered, and confused men. After the resurrection, they became generals in the army of the living God! What happened? They found boldness through the power of God’s Spirit, truth, and love. This week, students will be exposed to the rollercoaster story that is the book of Acts and see the power of God to embolden people who seek him.

Dean: Chris Woolard, Venture Church, Wilmington, NC


2nd Junior

July 7-12

Ages 8-11




Stewart Woodley and Jamie Fulford, Ministers at University Church of Christ, Greenville, N.C.

Wilderness Adventure

July 14-19

Ages 13-17




Conflict is all around us. During this session our lessons will be focused on the best way to handle disagreements and how and when to react to situations that do not turn out well.


Chris Avery, Manager, Roanoke Christian Camp


July 15-18

Ages 7-9



Christmas in July!

We are excited to celebrate Christmas in the summer. During Discovery Week campers will learn about Jesus and his birth. The week will be filled with fun activities, exciting games, and lessons about Jesus. Come prepared to have lots of fun, lots of laughs, and make lots of new friends!

Dean: Danielle Hortelano

2nd Intermediate

July 21-26

Ages 10-13






Bane Angles, Lead Minister at First Christian Church, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.


Music and Drama

July 28 – August 2

Ages 12-17





Patrick Harrison – Venture Church


August 4-6

Ages 5-7




Explorers Camp is often a first time overnight experience for your camper.  In our short time together at Explorers we will do just that, EXPLORE! Camp has so much to offer and we want your child to have a great experience. Each day they will have an opportunity to explore the camp facilities during recreation, worship and their favorite is usually the pool 🙂 Most importantly we will take time to explore the love of God and how it will impact them the rest of their lives. 


Ethan Coltrain – Union Grove Church of Christ

3rd Junior

August 6-9

Ages 8-11





Joey Craft – Youth Minister – Haw Branch Church of Christ

Tech Camp

November 8-10




Dean: Patrick Harrison – Venture Church

Interested in Day Camps?

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