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Behavior Christian conduct is expected at all times. Campers and staff should be courteous and have good manners toward others. The dean, in consultation with the manager, has authority to send home anyone who refuses to cooperate. Everyone must remain on campus, and abide by the schedule unless excused by the dean. Dress Code Modesty and decency must prevail at all times. If clothing is considered inappropriate, you will be expected to change. -Shoes must be worn. -No sleeveless shirts. -Shorts must be of appropriate length. They must not be above the fingertips when the camper or staff’s arms are flat against his or her body. -No two-piece bikinis are allowed

Other Information

All medication must be given to the Health Care Provider at check-in in their original container with the correct dosage clearly marked.
The Health Care Provider will dispense medications at the times noted on the medical form.
Please refrain from sending vitamins and over-the-counter medicines unless deemed medically necessary.

If a camper desires to be baptized at camp, the dean will phone the camper’s parents for permission.
Roanoke Christian Camp baptismal certificates will be sent home with the camper.

Campers are encouraged with compassion and understanding to stay and participate in the camp program.
We do not encourage talking with a homesick camper via telephone. Camp personnel will communicate with a parent/guardian if necessary.

Camper Mail
Camper mail is distributed daily. Camp staff is not responsible for delivering mail that does not include camper’s name and session.

Camper’s Name
Camp Session
P.O. Box 1134
Washington, N.C. 27889

Due to scheduling changes at USPS, we are unable to deliver mail on departure day of camp.
We will no longer be accepting emails for campers.

What to Pack

Please limit belongings to two pieces of luggage.
-Enough outfits for the full session
-Flip flops AND closed toe shoes
-Pillow and slipping bag or sheets and a blanket for twin bed
-Swimsuit (NO two-piece bikinis)
-Bible, pen/pencil, notebook
-Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
-Towels (beach and bathing)

Talk with your camper about how to manage their belongings in a shared living environment.

What NOT to Pack

-Cell phones
-Electronic devices (iPods, MP3 players, 3-readers, tablets, video games, etc)
-Outside food items
-Magazines, comic books and novels
-Playing cards
-Pocket knives or other weapons
-Prank items (shaving cream, silly string, etc)
-Alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs (other than prescribed medications)

Session Specific

Day Camps
-Small bag with swimsuit, towel and change of clothes
Please label all items with your child’s name.

Wilderness Adventure
-Small day-pack
-Rain jacket
-Portable camp chair
Campers will be emailed a more detailed list before the session.

Tech Camp
-Personal game systems