Health Care Provider

JOB TITLE: Health Care Provider

Purpose of Job

Camp Health Care Providers are responsible for the care of ill or injured campers and staff and related administrative duties.

RN, LPN, EMT, or Paramedic with license.
CPR certified.
Current First aid certification and experience in first aid and emergency management.
Driver’s license.
Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care.
Desire to work with children and young adults.
Community health knowledge.
A baptized believer and member of a church.
Ability to work with campers of all ages and set a good example.
Self motivated individual.
• The Health Care Provider will be on site during each session of summer camp.
• Administer camper (and staff) prescription medications as directed
• Dispense over-the-counter medications as appropriate
• Prepare and utilize daily medical log for treatment and medications.
• Assess campers and staff who are ill or injured and determine if further medical attention is needed.
• Assist in stabilizing campers and staff requiring transportation to medical facilities
• Ability to drive to off-camp health provider, physician, or emergency treatment locations
• Contact parents of ill or injured campers and staff (if appropriate) and update them as necessary
• Documentation of all injuries and care rendered. This involves documentation of all over-the-counter medicines, first aid treatment, communication with parents, doctors or any other off-camp facilities.
• Maintain inventory of supplies
• Keep first aid station clean and organized
• Counseling as needed- (such as homesick campers)
• Help with other camp activities including cleaning, meals, and recreation as schedule permits.