Our overnight campers experience the very best of what Roanoke Christian Camp has to offer. Campers will enjoy recreation activities suited for their age, daily worship services are held in the Bonner Jackson Pavilion overlooking the Pamlico River and have meals served in Smartnick Hall!
*Price increased $30 on May 1.

Deeper Life

June 11-16

  $125 /$155*

AGES 13-17

Dean: Josh Bueno

Josh has been the Dean of Deeper Life since 2017. He has a passion for training servant leaders, eating buffalo wings and going to the movies! He is the Youth Minster of First Christian Church in Roanoke Rapids, NC. He lives there with his wife Sarah, and daughters Rosie, Norah and Hazel!




Follow Me
“Follow me, as I follow Christ.”- 1 Corinthians 11:1
Do you think that you are a leader worth following?
If people do follow you, what are you leading them to? We are called to lead by following Jesus. 
Join us for Deeper Life week this year as dive into what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. 
Following Jesus is a call to surrender and a call to lead others to do the same. 
Let’s be leaders who follow Jesus and who lead others to Jesus! 
At Deeper Life students have a unique camp experience where they come and learn how to grow in Christ, serve like Christ, and lead for Christ. 
Students spend time serving a day camp of elementary school students, as well as growing spiritually in small groups. 
This week is different than other camp weeks, but just as impactful! We hope you will be able to join us this summer!

1st Junior

June 18-23  $225/$255*

AGES 7-10

Dean: Jay Hardison

Plymouth Church of Christ





Session information will be posted here.


High School

July 2-7 $225/$255*

AGES 14-17

Dean: Chris Woolard

Chris Woolard is the pastor of Venture Church in Wilmington NC. He has spent over 20 years working with teens in NC and VA through Youth ministry, Summer Camps, Boy Scouts, Youth Football, YMCA, and as a long-time member of the Carolina Christian Youth Conference planning team. He grew up as a camper at RCC and has served as a dean for us since 2002. Chris has deaned our High School Session since 2014. He and his wife Lindsey are also the parents of 2 real life teenagers where he’s daily reminded of how important it is to be focused on Jesus through it all. 



High School Week is the ultimate summer experience for our 9-12 graders. Students can expect a week of fun games, classic outdoor activities, team competitions, and unexpected twists.  Every year our students check out on Friday saying, “That was the best week of camp EVER” and this year will NOT disappoint.
This week offers the perfect blend of organized group time, “free time” to hang with people who aren’t in your group, and deeply meaningful spiritual growth. 

Students will be separated into teams primarily based on gender and grade. This will be your “team.” You will have opportunities to compete against other teams in games and also get to share in some learning time together. However there is also AMPLE free time to socialize with all of the other campers throughout the day.In addition to the daily scheduled fun, We create 4 distinctly different learning environments each day that will help grow our students in faith and understanding:

  1. Team Time: After breakfast, Students will meet with their team and leaders to work through scripture each day. It’s a practical tool they can bring home with them and use daily!
  2. Morning Workshop: Mid morning will be an opportunity for an elective class. We have a great group of teachers who will be leading us in a morning workshop covering a variety of subjects.
  3. Vespers: After spending the majority of the day in the “fun” stuff, we re-group in the evening for a group worship time and teaching time. 
  4. Campfire: Before we turn in for the night, the whole camp gathers one last time for “campfire.” Each night one of our staff members shares their testimony of how God has moved in their life. It is powerful for our students to hear from so many of the staff they look up to.

Each year, our goal is to send our students home ready to make their world a better place in Jesus’ name. We pay special honor to our Seniors on Senior night (Thursday) and encourage all of our students to attend as many summers as possible while they are in these formative High School years.

1st Intermediate

JUNE 25-30  $225/$255*

AGES 11-14

Dean: Lance Pippin 

Lance Pippin grew up going to Roanoke Christian Camp as a camper and has served many weeks of camp as a counselor/volunteer. His first year “deaning” 1st Intermediate Week was in 2019. Lance is the youth minister at Christ’s Church in Winterville, NC. He’s been a youth minister since 2002 and has a heart for seeing kids discover God’s plan for their lives! As dean, Lance works hard to build an excellent staff to make sure kids have a blast and also walk away knowing the love of Jesus Christ! In addition to being dean of 1st Intermediate Week and being a youth minister, Lance is married to his lovely wife, Erin. He’s also a big fan of Duke University athletics and Ghostbusters!!!


Romans 15:13 tells us to be filled with the love and the hope of Jesus!  
Do you ever fill like your life is one filled-up closet, ready to bust open at any moment?!??  Think about your day – SCHOOL, CHORES, SPORTS, BAND, TIME WITH FRIENDS, TIME WITH FAMILY, HOMEWORK, STUDYING, EATING, SLEEPING!!!  What more can you add to your life; your already BUSY life?!!  One important thing is missing from the things listed above.  Did you guess it?  IT’S JESUS!  This year at 1st Intermediate Week, we’ll be looking at the importance of making room for Jesus in your life
This session has reached capacity for girl campers. New registrations will be added to a waitlist and will be contacted in the order they registered as spots open.

2nd Junior

JULY 9-14  $225/$255*

AGES 8-11

Dean: Stewart Woodley and Jamie Fulford

 University Church of Christ



Peter & Paul: The Legendary Journeys

Join us for a series of amazing stories in exotic locations as we explore the book of Acts and study how Peter and Paul changed the world with their amazing gospel work. We will travel from Jerusalem to Greece, from Antioch to the Roman Empire and we will meet the heroes who helped these men change the world. Stephen, Philip, Barnabas, Silas and many others. So get ready for danger from shipwrecks, riots, earthquakes, and evil men who would stop the gospel message.

2nd Intermediate

July 16-21  $225/$255*

AGES 10-13

Dean: Micah Seth

Youth Minister Two Rivers Church



RIP to the Old Me

As students begin their walk with Christ, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot of push and pull between what the world teaches and how Christ calls us to live. This week, we will be going through different things that we must leave behind as we continue to be transformed as Christians! The 5 topics for the session are RIP to Gossip/ RIP to Loneliness/ RIP to Selfishness/ RIP to Hate/ RIP to Sin. 

This session has reached capacity for girl campers. New registrations will be added to a waitlist and will be contacted in the order they registered as spots open.





July 23-25  $100/$130*

AGES 5-7

Dean: Laney Hodges

Laney Hodges grew up going to Roanoke Christian Camp, first as a camper and then as a Junior Counselor. She has served as Dean for our Day Camps and for the past several years has been a counselor/Dorm Mom for 1st Junior Week. Laney is the Children’s Minister at Journey Church in Washington, NC. She has been working with kids since 1999 and has a heart for seeing children grow in their relationships with the Lord. Laney lives in Washington with her husband, Jimmy, their daughter, Amy Ruth, and assorted critters (a dog, lots of cats, and a horse). She loves to sing, to craft, and to hang out with family and friends. Laney is very excited to serve as dean of Explorers Camp




MASHUP: Jesus is the Reason for Every Season
Even before Jesus’ birth, the angels and prophets pointed us to the time when Jesus would become our Savior and save us from our sins. We will learn about the connection between the Easter message and the Christmas story. We will gain new insight into the truth that Jesus came as a baby, but grew into a man who laid down His life to save us.

3rd Junior

July 25-28  $135/$165*

AGES 8-11

Dean: Addison Lilley

Next Gen Director at Canvas Church




Our theme is Glow For Jesus. We will be focusing on Matthew 5:16 and learning how we can show others Jesus through our actions and words. We can also love Jesus by glowing for him!

Music and Drama

July 30-Aug 4  $225/$255*

AGES 12-17

Dean: Patrick Harrison




Session information will be posted here.


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