Located on the Pamlico River in Washington, North Carolina, Roanoke Christian Camp is the perfect spot for your next event. We offer daily, and overnight rentals at an affordable price with a variety of amenity options. 


Total cost includes deposit and attendance fee.

Reservation/Damage Deposit: $100

 Daily rental hours: 12 pm – Sunset

The following facilities are available for day rentals:
-Multipurpose Building
-Pavilions/Picnic Shelter
-Swimming Pool (when available)
-Dining Hall

Prices for groups are divided into three categories. We have different pricing for supporting churches, non-supporting churches/non profits, and other groups. The final cost is determined by the number of people that attend your event.


Total cost includes deposit, attendance fee, and facility cost.

Reservation/Damage Deposit: $100


Don’t restrict your fun to one day! We offer overnight rentals where you get the best of what we have to offer!

Overnight rental hours: 12 pm on arrival day – 10 am departure day

Per person cost
Supporting church: $10 per person per night
Non-supporting church/Nonprofit: $15 per person per night
Other Groups: $25 per person per night

Facilities Costs
Dining Hall: $50/day
Multipurpose Building: $100/day
Swimming Pool: $75/day

Meals (menu provided upon request)
Continental Breakfast: $5/person
Full Breakfast: $7/person
Light Lunch: $6/person
Full Lunch: $8/person
Light Dinner: $7/person
Full Dinner: $9/person

Due to health code regulations, Dining Hall rentals do not include
our commercial kitchen.